How do you stand out even when you're the "only woman"?

In a recent chat with a group of women who work within the asset management industry and in a webinar with a top management consulting firm this week, some really strong and resounding gems were shared by seasoned investors with over 20 years of experience. Look – I was very much blown away as you could have imagined and as I expected.

Every networking opportunity should be your chance to pitch, to talk about who you are, what you do and most importantly your investment strategy

– Tokunboh Ishmael, Managing Director and co-founder of Alitheia Capital 

I couldn’t wait to share some of the wisdom that was shared below especially for women looking to raise finances in the industry. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or just starting out in business. These tips are valid and will help you to stand out even when you’re the “only woman” in the room.

  • Know your stuff – build your expertise across time. You get respected when you know what you are talking about. You have more control of your own career and path
  • You're likely to face bias. Sadly, the bias will always be there but you need to take advantage of it
  • Have a check point every quarter or whenever suits you to see if what you’re doing is aligned to your “20 years” overnight success
  • Brag about your success and over brag! Chances are that the person next to you is saying more than you
  • Every networking opportunity should be your chance to pitch; to talk about who you are; what you do and most importantly your strategy
  • Be open to talk about what you have achieves and particularly your aspirations. Men tend to talk about what they will do and women tend to talk about what they have done
  • Be sincere about what you can and will deliver
  • When you face rejections, think about the feedback you received and use that as an anchor to get better at what you do. Include your feedback in your arsenal and deliverables
  • Always articulate your achievements. You’re most likely saying less than the next person
  • Don’t let someone’s not stop you but use it to articulate your secret sauce. What sets you apart. Factor in your negative feedback
  • Do your homework about who you’re meeting. Where have they invested in before? What kind of management have they invested in before
  • You’re your own ambassador. Be outspoken about your work
  • Be intentional about every step you make to move into an area/sector of interest. Learn about that sector and express your interest to move into that area

We will be sharing more insights on how women can thrive in their roles whilst being visible in the business world.

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